1. Upgrade Your IMO

    I have only been selling life insurance for about a year, but I have made some very important decisions in that time. One of which was switching my IMO to Family First Life. I first started working with an IMO that didn't really care about their agents benefit, they were just interested in making money even if I wasn't. Needless to say after a few months I started looking for a new company to get …Read More

    Current Employee
  2. No Contract!

    So glad someone from the life insurance industry showed me FFL. I had been with another company for just over a year and thought I had it made, until I looked at what FFL had to offer. The main thing that made me make the switch was, FFL does not make their agents sign a contract. That means if I made the switch and ended up hating it, I could go back to my previous company. That was not the case.…Read More

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  3. Don’t Waste Your Time With Anyone Else!

    Not sure why I didn't start my career here. I really have found my footing as an agent in the time I have been with Family First Life. I prefer to be an independent agent and have control of my schedule and to only report to myself. I am a person who loves people but hate bosses which has made Family First Life for me. A career for a certain kind of person but success can be had if you work hard. …Read More

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  4. Superior Part Time Income

    I needed to be able to make extra money when I became a single Mom. I love working with Family First Life. I can work at little or as much as I want on my terms. I tend to work the weekends my kids are with my ex. I don't get to attend the calls and the trainings but they are recorded and I can listen to them on my commute which is great because the trainings allow me to get better at my job. I es…Read More

    Current Employee
  5. Life Changing

    Family First Life does not only provide the resources to sell, but it provides jobs for so many people. I had been a stay at home mother for years, which is no short of a job itself, but when my kids got older I had more availabilty with my time. I started working in sales for a company that allowed me to work from home, but I was still on someone elses time schedule. Family First Life allows me t…Read More

    Current Employee
  6. Great work environment!

    I love everyone that I work with. Great work environment!…Read More

    Victoria F.
  7. Makes everyone feel like family!

    Family First Life-East Coast always makes everyone feel like family!…Read More

    Steveretha G.